Celebrate Christmas in July on WithLove!

  • 28 June 2024

It is that time of year again… Christmas in July! Even though Christmas is (officially) still months away, the sun has made room for some darkening clouds and rain. Already making it feel cozy, so why not indulge in Christmas in July? This month four new romantic Christmas films will be added to WithLove! With each film you will feel more and more christmassy and you will be singing Christmas carols before you know it. Prepare to let your days be filled with the magic of Christmas with these Christmas in July films!

Christmas films on WithLove

At WithLove, Christmas is more than just a season; it’s an opportunity to blissfully lose oneself in the most romantic Christmas films. Every year, numerous new titles come out that set our hearts aflutter and make us secretly wish for a Christmas miracle. So, grab a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and surrender to the ultimate Christmas joy. Why? Because watching Christmas films with WithLove is the most wonderful thing there is!

My Christmas Guide – July 4th

We’re starting Christmas in July in a fantastic way, because Amber Marshall (Amy from Heartland) stars in this Christmas film! Peyton has her own training center for assistance dogs and trains the puppies herself. When one day she encounters a blind man, she wants to help him. Trevor has only been blind for a few years and, in addition to his sight, has also lost his self-confidence. His daughter Annie encourages him to get a service dog, but he is not that excited about this himself. He is persuaded to visit the training center where he meets the enthusiastic Peyton. Peyton has just the perfect dog in mind; Max. Peyton has to train the two to get along with each other. Together they start working with Max as Christmas approaches. They start to like each other more and more, but Peyton has a boyfriend…

Christmas on the Slopes – July 11th

This film has a perfect combination! Food AND Christmas! So be sure to get some snacks while watching this Christmas in July film! During the Christmas period, Sophia experiences a lot of stress due to her work as a chef and when she is painfully dumped, she could really use a vacation. She decides to go on holiday to the mountains. There she meets the handsome chef Ansel, but there is one teeny tiny problem… He mistakes Sophia for the new sous-chef and Sophia plays along… They grow closer, but what if he finds out the truth?

Christmas on 5th Avenue

Christmas on 5th Avenue – July 18th

Eva is like a Christmas elf, she has her own make-a-wish company where they do everything from buying presents to planning events for people. She is especially busy around Christmas, but when her friend Mitzy asks her for help, she still makes time. Mitzy’s son, bestselling author Lucas Blade, is very down after the loss of his wife and especially during Christmas he shuts himself off from the world. He is now said to be in Vermont writing his latest book. So as a Christmas present, Mitzy wants Eva to look after his penthouse on 5th Avenue and get it ready for Christmas. But then it turns out that Lucas is (secretly) at home! And he has no interest in anything that has to do with Christmas. Thankfully Eva is allowed to stay and with her love for Christmas she tries to let Lucas enjoy everything again.

Christmas in July Christmas Time Capsule

Christmas Time Capsule – July 25th

Best friends for years, Tiffany and James embark on a magical Christmas road trip to retrieve a forgotten time capsule from Tiffany’s parents. Inside: an engagement ring from James’ grandmother, intended for his girlfriend Ashley. But Tiffany is secretly in love with her best friend… Along the way, unexpected feelings blossom, until Ashley surprises them by showing up on their doorstep! Does James follow his heart leading to Tiffany or does he choose safety with Ashley?

More Christmas films

Every week in July you can enjoy a new Christmas film on WithLove. But of course it doesn’t have to stop there! Make your Christmas in July even better with the entire Christmas film collection! Who knows, you might (re)discover a (Christmas) gem that you missed last year or would have liked to watch again! Christmas in July means enjoying snow, Christmas trees, Christmas carols and of course lots of love! Get into the Christmas spirit this month with the most beautiful Christmas films.

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